Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

I want DSLR Camera and I also want : an IPA Sunny 16 Dog Tag

Ehm... Been so long I didn't write here.
Lately I just know sports from news, not watch it by myself. I do not have a television in my rented room T.T

by the way, i have another passion beside sports, photograph. Well, It's been more than a year I am looking for a DSLR camera. I still can not decided which "religion", Nikon or Canon :)

Very cool dog tag, well, I am not a photographer, but that is one of my passion since I was a kid ( by borrowed my dad's old camera ) LOL

And I am still learning. I lived in Ternate for 8 months, a very beautiful island, and that's awakening my passion in photograph. Trying to catch the beauty of my country through lense.

Now, I live in Pomalaa, try to get more money to buy my first DSLR :)
hopefully I can decide which camera and then I'll show you guys the beauty of Indonesia. Amin, :)

By the way, I also want an IPA Sunny 16 Dog Tag’. Invisible Photographer Asia will give their first ever giveway, they have 3 pieces of first limited batch of Original IPA Sunny 16 Dog Tags up for grabs! Very cool dog tag… Very cool... Love that so much...
I checked my FB this morning and saw that announcement, and I like to publish here. I guess those dog tag is the reason I write again in this blog after so long time LOL

Wish I can get that one... :)

Well, enough for today... I'll keep blogging I guess, with a lot of themes, not only sports :D

Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Inter Milan is The Champions Leage Winner

Congratulation for all Internisti in the world, I never like inter, but I do really have respect for their manager-Jose Mourinho-great manager, if only Chelsea (big boss-aka Mr Roman) could be patient and didn't fired him soon like that, Chelsea might have their 1st ever Champions trophy.

well, I read an article bout his feeling when he met Chelsea in Quarterfinal, and he said that he was crying after defeat Chelsea. He said it will always sad when you realize you have defeat your old good friends. Chelsea and Mourinho still have a "have each other" feeling.

He was happee in Chelsea, he also said that. I wonder if he would back to Stamford Bridge someday ...

By the way, i didnt want to talk bout Inter lol, whatever...

Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

CHELSEA: The Barclays Premier League Winner!!!

SO NO...
Posted on: Mon 10 May 2010
So, no nightmares. No blow-out. No choke. No bottle-job. No panicked last 10 minutes. No heart-crushing last-minute equaliser. No freak shot from the edge of the area. No iffy lasagne. No rogue virus wiping out half the defense on the morning of the match. No double goalkeeping injury during the warm-up. No bad news from another ground. No terrible penalty decision. No sending-off (for us). No floodlight failure. No stray beach ball. No bomb scare. No locusts. No killer bees. No theft of the trophy, pending detection by a dog called Pickles. None of the things one might have feared, sweated over and even lost sleep about, these last few days.

Just eight goals and the title. Which was more than a consolation.

That was post from Giles Smith. I love that!!! Just 8 goals and the title. Which was more than consolation.

more than a consolation, after 3 years we saw MU got the trophy. now, blue is the colour in the trophy. after very hard season, Chelsea were on top then in 2nd, also in 3rd, on top again, with all those scandals included JT (my beloved captain), Ashley Cole--- seems like dark hour for Chelsea, thx God we still can win this trophy :)

a lil late to write here, but i didnt have time, so i am writing now :)

i didnt watch the game, i was just too tired to open my eyes, been a busy week.
but in 2 am (eastern Indonesian time) i suddenly woke up, when i saw my celly, i got 2 messages.
i didnt hear my cell ringing. but i woke up just so accidential...
and my buddy who sent me sms said 'sis, we won 8-0!!!'

so wow, then i turned tv, almost celebration time... oh my god!!!

great score, great job, great moment, sadly i didnt wantch the match :(

but today i saw the match, espn repeated again, so happee to see that.

All goals are fantastic!!! From individual skill and also from team work, love that so much, 2 volleyballs from Anelka and Ashley Cole.

my favorite goal was the last goal from Ashley Cole in the very last minute. A great assist from Joe Cole, I mean Joa was up and down to get the ball, and then he passed to Ashley, then goal. i love CHelsea!!!

the celebration made me happee... the Chelsea's boys with their kids, their famz... love that scene :)

evrybody said, yeah, MU gave it to Chelsea, poor Chelsky just won 4 times.

so whatever, Chelsea still got one more trophy to get, FA Cup finals in (New) Wembley stadium next Saturday.

now, all i can say is see you next season,,, we'll keep winning!!!

Blue is the colour and football is the game
we are all together and WINNING is our aim
so cheer us on through the sun and rain
cuz Chelsea, Chelsea is our name!!!

Go Western LOndon team, The Blues Chelsea!!!

Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Rome Masters 2010 Semifinal: Rafael Nadal vs Ernests Gulbis

Yuhuuuu, it was a dramtic for Rafa. I saw Nadal in semi beat Ernests Gulbis from Latvia who had a strong serve... Nadal won 6-4, Gublis was nervous in the 1st game, but then he found his confidence in 2nd by win the 2nd game with 6-3, became more tense in the last game. finally Nadal won the match and goes to final after Gulbis' backhand fell in the right outside the court.

Gulbis, ranked number 40 made this match became a the hardest for Nadal, he forced Nadal to win til 3rd game, that was the 1st time Nadal lose game in 9 playing in clay court. Gulbis 3 times made an ace serves- as long as i remember :) sorry if im wrong lol

Rafa said, that was a tough match, i made a good serve but he made a serve with 200 then 215 and 220, so fast...

by the way, gulbis, he is also tall, he was the one who beat The Fed in the 1st round, in 3 sets. he will be a good tennis player i guess. gulbis said that he would made a big trouble for everyone, especially for top tennis player when he playing so well :) he did a good job, unknown player reached one of Master series semifinal.
His surprise was not end, he also beat Marcos Braghdatis in the next round, and then his surprises ended in semi. but yeah, he is good, very good for someone ranked 40.

In the final, Rafa will face David Ferrer... another all Spaniard final. after Monte Carlo Masters, between Rafael Nadal vs Fernando Verdasco, now in Rome Masters, Rafael Nadal vs David ferrer, who beat Fernando Verdasco in semi.

Rabu, 21 April 2010

Happee Earth Day

Earth day are celebrate today. Happee Birthday Mother Earth, we, all your childrens are getting naughty for making you 'sad' and then 'angry'.

we can do a simple thing to reduce the effect of global warming. well, global warming is absolutely main topic in this day. many big countries, espacially USA who didnt want to ratified Kyoto Protocol, even those protocol will be expired in a copule years (ehm let me count, if i didnt mistaken :) )

but however, beside those big countries, we can help our mother earth by:
^ do not throw trash in the street, try to separate kind of trash-is that an organic, inorganic
^ plant a tree, you can plant fruit tree, so you're not also greener this earth but also you can eat the fruits, right? :)
^ use public/mass transportation, well, it might be hard for some people cuz, however we still cannot find yet a comfortable, cheap, and fast transportation like in developed countries.
^ or you can go around with bicycle, i like to cycling :) i love to do that, but now, i dont have one here :( so i used mass transportation :)
^ dont use a plastic bag, some people said. but lately i can find plastic which degradable easily. we can use that.
but will be better if we use bag from drapery. that's much bettercuz we can wash that.

the key are just 5r, reuse, recycle, renew, replenish and also restore.
i also still trying, lil by lil...
from a few person to many...

let make our Mother health, happee (so she wont be angry to us), love her and then she'll love us...

I want to Swim!!!I want to dive, i want to snorkel!!! :)

I was writing bout I want to swim, i think I had click 'publist post'
but maybe i forgot to LOL
stupid me :)

I was watching ESPN, airing FINA games in US, talked bout men swim US team. they asked how they felt bout being one team with the legend, Mike Phelps.,kind like that.

those program made me want to swim!!!

I miss to swim,,,now i live in a very small island which surrounded by seawater, but i barely swim. just once in 2 months i guess.

my pals here cannot swim, how weird, they born, live in this place, Ternate
but they can't swim :O

thx God I can swim :) even in my lovely hometown, rarely to see beach but i can swim, im so proud :D

I miss to swim, to snorkel, and i'll dive someday if i had money and time...amien!!!

Love to swim...
that's the 1st sport that i did when i injured in my leg, my left leg :(
til now, i still can feel the pain, a bit, but i still have to be careful with my legs. my leg was splitted , hhhh so horrable...
the pain was so horrable, a nightmare...
thx Allah, now i can walk, i can run a bit, i can swim, thx Allah <3!!!

I want to Swim!!!I want to dive, i want to snorkel!!! :)

now i watching ESPN, FINA, focused on US team so far. well yeah they have Mike Phelps, the legend who is still young, they talked bout how they'd felt being 1 team with the legend.

watching this, made me want to swim!!!
now i live in a small island, Ternate, surrounded with seawater but i barely swim here, just once a month if i got lucky, got some friends who wants too.
sadly, a lot of my pals can't swim, man... you guys came from this beautiful island but you cant swim.

thx God I can swim, even lovely hometown dont have a beach , i can swim, i used to swim once a week!!! i miss to swim.

I love to swim, I can do snorkel, I'll do dive later, when I have money and time to do that.Amien!!!








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